Engaging in magickal mentorship is a unique experience for everyone. Facilitated face-to-face or online via Zoom, each mentorship is structured around the practice of traditional witchcraft & designed around your own personal experience & skill-set. As a generalisation we recommend undertaking mentorship over a year & a day, however, this is customised depending on your current circumstances & what you want to learn during your mentorship. Some skills being learnt may only take one session whereas other skills will take longer.

Common topics that are taught during mentorship:

Foundations of Witchcraft

Successful Spell-craft

Divination- specialising in palmistry, bone throwing & tarot

Ecstatic Trance

Spirit-work & Devotion

Ancestral Veneration

Ritual Techniques & Process

Working with & Nourishing the Fetch

Spiritual Hygiene

Purification, Warding & Protective Work

Mentorship Session Information

  • Single Mentorship Session

    Each mentorship session is held for 1 hour, taking place either in-person or online via Zoom. Each session costs $95.00

  • Year & a Day Mentorship

    Consisting of 13 sessions, our Year & a Day Mentorship is perfect for those new to witchcraft or who want ongoing guidance & learning.

  • Small Group Mentorship

    Small group mentorships are customised for groups of 2-6 people wanting to learn different aspects of witchcraft.

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