Welcome to Elfhames Witchcraft School.

Elfhame’s witchcraft school is a learning space dedicated to educating & inspiring our fellow witches & magickal kin. A space dedicated to providing a positive & unique learning experience to deepen your knowledge & connection with your magickal practice.
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Why Study with Elfhame?

At Elfhame we are dedicated to providing a positive & unique learning experience. We have walked the crooked path for many years, being steeped in our own personal practices & fostering relationships with our spirits. We are experienced in teaching & nurturing many aspects of witchcraft. With a focus on our students' learning experience, we offer a range of in-person & online classes & workshops for all experience levels while maintaining a safe space for all.

Classes & Workshops

We strive to inspire & educate our fellow witches, practitioners & those who are curious. With each class & workshop drawing inspiration from the facilitator's own personal practice & path to ensure that the information learned has come from many years of dedication & experience.

One-on-one Mentorships

Engaging in magickal mentorship is a unique experience for everyone. Each mentorship is structured around the practice of Witchcraft & designed around your own personal experience & skill-set. The length of mentorship is depending on your current circumstances & what you are wanting to learn & achieve.
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